Depeche Mode entran en el Rock n Roll Hall of Fame

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Este sábado se emitió por HBO la ceremonia de ingreso al Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2020, con Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, Notorious BIG, Whitney Houston, T Rex y The Doobie Brothers como protagonistas.

Depeche Mode en particular fueron presentados por Charlize Theron y honrados por artistas como Win Butler de Arcade Fire y Lauren Mayberry de Chvrches.

Dave Gahan, Andrew Fletcher y Martin Gore celebraron su ingreso en tan selecto club con un discurso de aceptación que a continuación podemos leer completo (en inglés) y también ver en vídeo.

Dave Gahan: All right, congratulations boys, we finally found a way to accept our induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

Andrew Fletcher: Yes!

Martin Gore: Congratulations, congratulations.

AF: It’s a shame not doing the concert.

MG: Aren’t we doing the concert now?

DG: [laughs] “Reach out and touch….” Nah, we’re not doing that. Still, it’s an honor to be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. I am reading notes here, by the way. Congratulations to all our fellow inductees. It’s incredible now to be in this club. There’s so many other musicians and artists that are a part of this that we grew up listening to: David Bowie, Iggy Pop and the Stooges, the Clash, just to name a few.

AF: The Eagles.

DG: Yeah, don’t forget the Eagles, everybody loves the Eagles. [laughs] Let’s not forget, we got a big congratulations to Vince Clarke and to Alan Wilder, who are part of the DM family and DM history and the success of this band.

AF: Thanks, Vince. Thanks, Alan.

DG: We’ve been doing this most of our adult lives, pretty much. I guess we were 18 or 19 when we started doing this, so I want to thank Martin and Fletch while I’ve got the opportunity…

AF: Thanks, Dave.

DG: …’Cause I don’t know what I’d be doing if I didn’t find music, to be quite honest.

AF: You’d have been still stealing cars, Dave.

DG: Yeah, maybe I would’ve moved on a bit from there, maybe I’d have started stealing larger things than cars. Definitely something dodgy! I mean music saved us in more ways than one.

MG: Absolutely, yeah, and thanks to you as well! We wouldn’t be here either.

AF: Yeah.

DG: Thanks, Mart. You know, growing up, listening to music on the radio and having music, it really kind of helps us to feel normal—feel part of something. That’s what music does for people and I think that’s what Depeche Mode has done for many people. I think that music really brings people together, and God knows we need that more today than it seems like any other time.

Unfortunately we’re not going to be able to perform for you tonight, of course, because of this situation we find ourselves in. But I wanted to thank some special people here who have supported us and believed in us. Of course Daniel Miller and Mute Records, who found us and believed in us, and he continues to be a source of guidance to this day. Anton Corbijn, who, thank God, came in at the right time and actually made us look cool. Jonathan Kessler, our manager and of course our spiritual adviser. All of the promoters across the world that took a chance on a bunch of outsider, eyeliner-wearing weirdos from Essex, and all of the wankers that didn’t. [they all laugh]

I also want to thank Peter Gordeno and Christian Eigner, who have been such a huge part of this band for the last 20 years, and we’re still calling them the new blokes. Let’s not forget our road crew, tour managers, all have worked tirelessly to bring the Depeche Mode show to life every night. Rob Stringer at Sony, who continues to support our artistic vision, and of course all of the fans—a lot of which have been with us from day one. And, of course, last but not least, a big thank you to our families—our wives, our kids, our parents, who put up with us and have been with us throughout this journey. And I think I speak for all of us when I say we love you and we couldn’t do it without you.

MG: Yes absolutely, thank you, well done!

DG: So, Mart, you better get back to your kids and the studio. Fletch, it’s [sings] opening time!

AF: Off to the pub!

DG: See you two guys soon. Love you.

AF: See ya!

DG: Cheers.


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