Roxette (2011) Palacio Vistalegre. Madrid


Lugar: Palacio Vistalegre. Madrid
Fecha: 18 noviembre 2011
Asistencia: 10.000 personas
Artistas Invitados: Casa Rusa
Precio: 50,50 euros
Músicos: Marie Frediksson (voz), Per Gessle (voz y guitarras)

Setlist: Dressed for Succes, Sleeping in my Car, The Big L, I Wish I Could Fly, Only When I Dream, She’s Got Nothing On (But the Radio), Things Will Never Be the Same, Perfect Day, It Must Have Been Love, Opportunity Knox, 7twenty7, Fading Like a Flower, Crash Boom Bang, How Do You Do!, Dangerous, Joyride, Spending My Time, The Look, Listen to your Heart, Church of your Heart.


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